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ENVINET is a network of 17 research infrastructures in Northern Europe (see map). It focuses on multidisciplinary environmental research, primarily within atmospheric physics and chemistry, marine and terrestrial biology.

ENVINET is funded by EU and managed by the Norwegian Polar Institute.

Click on the points on the map to see the participating research stations !



The co-operation shall contribute to generate datasets and methods which:

• are relevant for the studies of climate change, ozone-depletion, long range transport
   of pollutants and changes in biodiversity, and that cover the needs of different
   sciences involved
• have high quality and are intercomparable across the stations
• are large enough and have great enough geographic extent to study the changes of
  environmental phenomena in time and space, or their variation under changing
  environmental conditions.

In order to address this, the network shall:

1. Exchange experience and information
2. Prepare existing data for research across the stations
3. Identify needs for new data collection
4. Improve the methods for obtaining data through dissemination of "best practice" and
    projects for scientific/technical development.
5. Co-ordinate activities in order to foster common research projects.






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